iPod Troubles

Wow, it’s been a while since my last post, like a really long time.
I guess there’s just not a lot happening in my life at the moment.

But, there is this one thing…

About two hours ago my iPod stopped working. It was in the my jacket’s pocket and I took it out to listen to Damien Rice’s “O” album and it just shows me this freakin sad looking iPod graphic. It was working just a couple of hours before that, but now, for some reason it has just decided to quit. I have tried restarting it, and restoring it is out of the picture because my computer won’t even recognize it as a disk, so… Luckily it is still under warranty seeing as how I have only owned it for about ten months, so I should be able to get something done about it, but in order to get it serviced I think I’ll have to make my way to an apple store, the closest of which is about three hours away.

This is the price we pay for technology… frustration.


I just talked to an apple rep and because it has been longer than 180 days since I bought the iPod I have to pay for shipping and handling which amounts to somewhere around $32. I guess it could be worse, but when you pay $400 for something you just kinda expect it to work.

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  • I have been very dissatisfied with my iPods, and I have had several They do not appear to be made to withstand normal usage and I am not the only one who finds that.

  • Ya, no facebook/email guy. I don’t know how long that wedding thing last but if you come up with anything fun to do tomorrow… Find out about church with K maybe, if you get a chance.

    “God put our mouths on our head for a reason. No!”

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