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iPod Troubles

Wow, it’s been a while since my last post, like a really long time.
I guess there’s just not a lot happening in my life at the moment.

But, there is this one thing…

About two hours ago my iPod stopped working. It was in the my jacket’s pocket and I took it out to listen to Damien Rice’s “O” album and it just shows me this freakin sad looking iPod graphic. It was working just a couple of hours before that, but now, for some reason it has just decided to quit. I have tried restarting it, and restoring it is out of the picture because my computer won’t even recognize it as a disk, so… Luckily it is still under warranty seeing as how I have only owned it for about ten months, so I should be able to get something done about it, but in order to get it serviced I think I’ll have to make my way to an apple store, the closest of which is about three hours away.

This is the price we pay for technology… frustration.


I just talked to an apple rep and because it has been longer than 180 days since I bought the iPod I have to pay for shipping and handling which amounts to somewhere around $32. I guess it could be worse, but when you pay $400 for something you just kinda expect it to work.


Alright so it started out with a sore throat and evolved into something worse like a head/stomach/nose/throat thing and it’s not my favorite thing in the world. I actually kinda don’t like it.

But I got this idea when I was trying to find a way to pass the time and decided to ask you guys what your favorite “sick day” movies are.

So far I’ve watched Robin Hood (the disney version) and iRobot, and I intend to watch The Princess Bride after all it was designed to you feel better when your sick.

SO if you would please post some movie ideas. Thanks

I Can’t Feel My Fingers

Seriously, I can’t feel my fingers; they’re not bleeding, but they’re close.

If you haven’t guessed my Tele got here today, and I haven’t put it down, even though I’m freakin’ sick.
It is just as beautiful as I had hoped.

My only problem now is how jealous my other guitars are going to get with the new girl struttin her stuff around the block.

Typing is starting to make my fingers hurt so I will talk to ya later.

I Can’t Breathe.

I just ordered my brand new Telecaster!!!!!!!!!!!

See how perty!

Any way I’m psyched out of my mind about this so I thought I’d share my psychedoutedness with you guys.

The Best Prank Ever!

Alright so let’s start out with me painting you a little picture…

If a girl asks me for my number (whether I am attracted to her or not) I can’t say no.

So I’m working the drive-through at starbucks the other day and these four girls come through in a tiny Bug and are extremely giggly and all that stuff and we talk a little bit because that’s what I do; I talk to everybody that comes through… One thing leads to another and all the girls say to the driver “Get his number!” So she says,
“Hey, we want to invite you to her birthday party at Millikin.” pointing to the girl in the passenger seat “Give us your number.”

Oh crap!
Seven digits come flying out of my mouth; there was no stopping them.

I gave them my number knowing full well that I was just not going to answer or going to have to come up with a lie when they called.

ten minutes after they leave… a voicemail.
two minutes after that… a text.

can you say crazy?

the texts continued, asking if I was at work so they could come see me, what I was doing this weekend, why am I not texting back… these types of things.

All of this was fine until I’m walking through the mall a couple of nights ago and I get a text that says “I just saw you in JC Penny.”

I began to run.

Later that night I’m at a fellow co-workers house and I start to look at a list of other employee’s phone numbers and one number stands out amongst the rest… The number of one Miss Crazy Pants; otherwise know as my shift manager.

So I start leaving her text messages… at four in the morning…

“I’m laying in bed thinking about you… what are you wearing?”

So much fun, how should this end?

Follow-Up to Re-Creation

The “Conservation of Matter” Law states that Matter can neither be created nor destroyed; I postulate that this is also true with thoughts. My time without outside influences was short lived, for the simple fact that, I couldn’t stand it!

Perhaps getting rid of all influences is not the answer; perhaps it is just having fewer… But again, this hypothesis is fallible, in the way that, if we only have certain influences then we become unbalanced in our thinking and therefore biased when confronted with a new idea or principle. Perhaps the only way to actually re-create what is given, is to take it and apply it to all things… without forgetting to contribute your own thoughts. Balance… It’s chaos!

So, I went to a Switchfoot concert on Sunday evening!


Switchfoot is my favorite band, and I have been waiting to go to one of their concerts forever.

They are on their Appetite for Construction Tour, where for every ticket purchased a dollar was donated to Habitat For Humanity.

We got there four hours early, pending my prerogative to be the first ones there… We weren’t…. But we did get the front of the floor; pretty much as close as you can get. The only downfall of being in the very front is that when other people are pushed, they push the people in front of them, and the people in front of them, and so on; there were no people in front of me! Nope. Nothing but a big steel barricade that had a fun time inside my ribcage.

But it was definitely worth it; the show was amazing.

Other “not so cool” things that happened while at the concert:

~ Jori, the girl I met before the show, passed out within five minutes of the opening act.

~ the kid in front of me wouldn’t stop humping me.

~ ok there were only two, but I figured they were funny or not so funny enough to share, and I couldn’t figure out how to fit them into my above paragraph.

Also, while waiting in line and during the four hour drive there and back I had to find something to do so… out came KEv’s iPhone and we found this really cool website called where you take, what is basically, a vocab quiz and for every question you get right they donate 10 grains of rice through the UN and their sponsors (ie. American Express iTunes etc.) to end world hunger… a small step anyway.

A New Mistress

So, I’ve got a new job which means I have an income, of sorts.
Obviously I need to buy a car; to keep the job. But after the car…

I want to buy a new guitar; I’m thinking electric, since I just got an acoustic for Christmas and my electric is a freakin Peavy! And yes, I am doing this research a little pre-maturely, but…

Here are the finalists…

The Fender Stratocaster… $399 (Definately in my price range)
The All-Purpose Marvel that is “The Strat”.

The Fender Telecaster… $434 (Not too much more than the Strat)
For that All-American vintage feel.

The Gibson SG… $579 (pretty good for a Gibson)
For when I just want to rock out.

The Les Paul Studio… $1,199 (quite reasonable (for a Gibson), but would definitely take some saving)
The Most: Beautiful, Dynamic, Smooth, and Classic.

Which one should I buy? Give me some of your thoughts.

My Attempt At Writing…

Alright so it’s finally here… A while back KEv did this sexual purity conference thing, and he asked me to write a story for it. So away I went, and in a few hours this story was born. Please, give me your thoughts, and possibly your ideas for names. But for now it will remain titled…

A Fairy Tale

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